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LGR 2016: Episode 35 - Ballyhoo! Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Revelation

October 28, 2016

Welcome listeners to another instalment of Ballyhoo! Our spin-off series where we look at other forms of media connected to gaming properties. In celebration of Halloween we’re talking horror movies, so join Cev, Lee, Andy and community guest Nick @Laneit360 Jones as they visit the eerie town of Silent Hill as envisaged by filmmakers Christophe Gans (SILENT HILL, 2006) and Michael J. Bassett (SILENT HILL: REVELATION, 2012).

With the continuous shouts of “Sharon!” still ringing in our ears, what will we make of these silver screen adaptations of Konami’s famous survival horror franchise? Can we fathom the mystery of the desolate fog/hellish nightmare cycle which grips Silent Hill? We certainly couldn’t comprehend Sean Bean’s American accent. Precisely what is going on with Sharon/Heather/Alessa now all grown-up and the star? Hang on a second, isn’t that Jon Snow? All this and more as we review SILENT HILL and SILENT HILL: REVELATION. Happy Halloween!

WARNING: In case you’ve not yet had the (mis)pleasure of watching these movies for yourself, please beware spoilers abound as we revel in their oneiric haze and on occasion lose ourselves in the thick mist of their absence of logic.

Michael Mackenzie original review of SILENT HILL:

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