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LGR 2016: Extrasode #2 - Fave Games Played in 2015 Special (Part One)

June 5, 2016

Hello and welcome to the first part of our “Games Of The Year 2015” show. Yes, you've read it right, in true Lapsed Gamer Radio fashion we’re finally getting around to releasing a show that has sat at the bottom of the ‘to do’ pile for nearly half a year.

In this first part, our small crew of regulars Lee, Mark, Andy and Cev discuss their honorable mentions before they sink their teeth into the real meat that are their top fives.

It's a crazy mixed bag as you would expect, predictions for the top five’s to the usual address...

We still have a few free games to give away and the doc can be found at

This episode was created by the Lapsed Gamer Radio Team. Edited by Cev.

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